Packaging Solutions for Beverages

When it comes to beverages, the packaging you chose should hold up against stacking, shipping and storing.

INDEVCO North America offers solutions that make it easy to bundle and palletize bottled water, soft drinks, juices and other consumable liquids.

Multi-packing and combo-packing are a necessity for shipping beverages and are a requirement for many major retailers and big box stores. Our unprinted shrink bundling film is specially blended to handle even the heaviest cases of water, while maintaining stability on a truck, pallet or store shelf. Have a partner for printing? We can offer print-grade shrink film with the additives and requirements you need.

For extra protection on a pallet, we offer 100% recyclable Kraft paper tier sheets with rounded or square corners for ultimate stackability and moisture protection.

Our packaging solutions don’t just protect products, they also ensure machine runnability for manufacturers and functionality for retailers and consumers. Contact us today to learn more about our protective packaging solutions for beverages.

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