Packaging Solutions for Transport Packaging

Your job is to protect products through the rigors of warehousing and distribution. Our job is to make that easy for you. INDEVCO North America manufactures protective packaging solutions for material-handling companies, distributors and co-packers that get goods where they need to go.

Whether you specialize in the delivery of raw material or finished products—your packaging materials should always be cost-effective, consistent and safe. We manufacture plastic and paper packaging solutions you can rely on, with each protecting against environmental factors like moisture, dust, insects and other contaminants.

If you palletize your products, ask about our 100% recyclable and reusable slip sheets and tier sheets, specialty coated with anti-slip and moisture barrier properties. We also offer custom or standard stretch hood films that are recyclable and puncture- and tear-resistant, with optimal film clarity for easy barcode reading and brand recognition.

Our raw materials and protective solutions are engineered to offer you a seamless converting process using the best and most cost-effective materials available to the market.

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