Original News Article: CBS19 News
Longview company teams up with non-profit to create PPE kits for frontline workers

LONGVIEW, Texas — Indevco Plastics in Longview and Humans From Home have partnered up for the initiative ‘Made By Us.’

“What we wanted to do is provide an opportunity for people to get involved while helping their community,” Emile Khattar, founder and executive director of Humans From Home, said.

The non-profit organization provides an opportunity for people at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to create personal protective equipment such as gowns.

“We create a network within a city, like Richmond, Virginia, for example,” he said. “We start with a producer of the materials, certain manufacturers and then we connect to certain organizations like church organizations and sometimes there’s a law firm that’s signed up to join and volunteer.”

There are two ways you can choose to create a PPE kit.

The organization allows a volunteer to join a network of volunteers for PPE assembly or purchase a kit for self assembly and community distribution.

“We’re looking to expand to Longview now thanks to Indevco now which has been so amazing,” Grace Covello, director of operations for Humans From Home, said.

According to Humans From Home, the gowns are made from 72 GSM [Isolation Gown Fabric] supplied from Indevco North America and [Specialty Coating and Laminating].

“Thanks to [INDEVCO Plastics] donation we’re actually able to give them 250 gowns,” Covello said. “It’s really cool their community is able to help assemble [kits] with the church volunteers and the community volunteers of Longview.”

Jean Claude Nassar is the supply chain manager with INDEVCO Plastics in Longview.

He says the company connected with Khattar and Covello to provide logistics.

“Of course, you know the people of Longview here, they like to help,” Nassar said. “We have several volunteers, of course INDEVCO Plastics is sponsoring, and we contacted the Chamber of Commerce, and they put me in contact with all the first responders. The hospitals, the nurses that we contacted, and they were very positive about the idea.

Nassar says he’s now working with local groups to help facilitate the assembly of the kits.

“I contacted the churches,” he said. “St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and St. Theresa. We have volunteers there waiting to help with the gowns. The Catholic Daughters and the Knights of Columbus Longview will be helping with the volunteers and with the logistics also.”