Raw Materials for Packaging Converters

Protecting your customers’ products throughout the rigors of distribution begins with the right raw material supplier. INDEVCO North America provides high-performance raw materials for folding carton, paperboard trays, corrugated packaging and plastic film and pouches.

Whether you’re converting paperboard into folding carton products for retail goods, packaged food or multi-packed bottles, we have the capabilities to meet your exact needs. That includes FDA compliance for direct food contact and features like moisture and oil and grease resistance (OGR).

For most brands, on-shelf differentiation is key. Give your customers the opportunity to stand out with our printable paperboard or gold / silver board made from metalized polyester laminated paperboard. It’s an attractive decorative finish for cosmetic, retail and gift packaging.

INDEVCO North America supplies plastic packaging converters with extruded PE sealant film, typically used for small format bags and pouches. We can work with your team to develop custom blends that meet your needs, no matter the application. Our raw materials and protective solutions are engineered to offer you a seamless converting process using the best (yet cost-effective) materials available to the market.

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